Ignatia’s love for taking care of herself, her family and her friends, ignited Ignatia’s ambition to equip herself with the knowledge and education to create her own beauty technique. From a young woman with skin insecurities and a strong desire to educate herself, Ignatia’s passion for skin care grew.


With a Bachelor of Medical Science and a love for the delicate science behind skin and skin care, Ignatia meticulously experimented, researched and refined her processes to deliver the best, bespoke services available. As a self proclaimed perfectionist, Ignatia’s genuine love for what she does, motivates and inspires her to stay ahead of the trends and the whole beauty game.


The on-going aspiration to produce quality and amazing results for her clientele, sees Ignatia constantly building her repertoire and testing new products and technologies. Ignatia tailors all services and formulas to suit every individuals needs and wishes.


Knowing Ignatia’s sincere and strong love for what she does will ensure all her future endeavours are pursued to perfection.