DMK combines advanced botanical science and progressive technologies to formulate their products and treatments. The ethos of DMK is to provide your skin with a protective barrier that works like your own personalised ecosystem. Their revolutionary concept “Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain” works with the structure and function of the skin to provoke long lasting results.

Dr Spiller’s unique background and philosophy have integrated to develop state of the art products and treatments that work in harmony with your skin rather than trying to change the composition of your skin. This synergy between product and skin was inspired by nature and provides lasting results for glowing healthy skin.

Good skin starts from within. Regul8 compose herbal medicine practices to support and maintain digestive health. The all natural, plant based, gluten free compositions of live cultures work to cleanse and restore optimum health from within and rid your body of toxins that often disturb your skin.

Imbibes product range exhibits an innovation of science aimed at strengthening your immune system, balancing your internal health and subsequently enhancing your external beauty and skin health. The belief of cultivating beauty from within takes a comprehensive approach to health and beauty.